Welcome to Cabinet Medical 7/7
Consultations 7 days a week, weekends and public holidays
without appointment from 8am to 10pm
Family Medicine,
Adults and children
(suture, plasters)
imaging and biology on site
if necessary

(+33) 09 62 62 05 89

Cabinet Medical 7 sur 7, Clinique Arnault Tzanck Mougins
122 avenue maurice Donat, 06250 Mougins


The “Cabinet Médical 7/7” is located within the Arnault Tzanck clinic in Mougins.

Our office is composed of 4 examination rooms including, among other things, equipment for immobilization, suture and minor surgery, electrocardiogram, oxygen…
Practitioners hold a diploma of family medicine, and all have a degree (specialized study diploma or university degree) in emergency and/or extensive experience in emergency and continuing care.

For foreign patients, our doctors speak several languages (English, German, Arabic, Italian).
We work in close collaboration with the Bioesterel biology laboratory, Radiology, and all the specialists in the clinic.
We are thus able to offer you a global service.
Our expertise includes general medicine, traumatology, minor surgery and investigative check-ups for adults and children.
We work in close collaboration with local doctors to provide technical and practical assistance. We step in in the event of their absence or unavailability within the framework of a confraternal permanent care.

After your visit, a discharge letter will be given to you to pass on to your doctor.
Our doctor’s office presents an alternative to emergency services by offering quality consultations with shorter waiting times.

Please note that our practice is not an emergency service; in cases of acute distress, need for continuous monitoring, or trauma with risk of decompensation, please contact the hospital.

In case of doubt, please contact us beforehand.

Come without appointment.

Open 7 days a week



• General medical consultation for adults and children (in the absence or unavailability of the attending physician)
• Traumatology (plastering, wound suturing, drainage of abscesses, burns, etc.)
• Investigation reports (suspicion of appendicitis, renal colic, etc.)


• Blood and biological sampling on site, if necessary (in collaboration with the bioesterel laboratory present on site)


• Radiography, Ultrasound, Scanner or MRI performed on site according to the indication (during the opening hours of the radiology department 8am-6pm). 


For hospitalization requests, please contact us beforehand so that we may direct you to the most appropriate service.
After regulation, you will be directed to our office or our hospital emergency rooms. Otherwise, we will request that you call the medical or surgical department for direct or scheduled admission to their beds.   
The doctor’s office may occasionally carry out hospitalizations depending on the diagnosis made but is not intended to admit non-urgent hospitalizations.
If you are requesting non-emergency hospitalization, your attending doctor should contact the Plein Ciel Clinic during the week at: 04 97 16 65 40 or 04 97 16 65 98.

Specialist Advice

• Our office works in close collaboration with the specialists working at the clinic.
Depending on your diagnosis, we can obtain specialized advice with a quick appointment for your follow-up.


Imaging, biology, or specialist examinations are carried out on site at the discretion of the office physician depending on the urgency of your case.

Patients with a prescription from their doctor for a biological or radiological examination or a letter for a specialist are requested to contact the relevant departments directly to make an appointment:
Radiology – ultrasound:  04 92 92 04 10
MRI- Scanner: 04 92 28 30 10
Laboratory: 04 92 28 20 00

List of specialists: https://www.tzanck.org/annuaire

Our Firm

The office is composed of 4 examination rooms:

Consultation office for general medicine and investigative check-ups
Cardiology room (with electrocardiogram, oxygen, scope)
Trauma room (for cast or splinted immobilizations)
Suture room (for stitches, glue, examination of wounds and burns, small surgeries)

The waiting room has a children's area with games and refreshment dispensers for your enjoyment.


Please bring your updated carte vitale with you to benefit from a quick reimbursement of the treatment.
Our practitioners are under a sector 1 agreement, meaning they perform procedures that comply with the French social security ratings without exceeding fees.
Third party payment is frequently practiced, and you can ask for it if it is not done automatically. Nevertheless, you must be in possession of a carte vitale and advance the mutual part.
Advance payment is not obligatory for patients with CMU, receiving care related to ALD, and for accidents at work with employer’s proof of entitlement, provided that they present themselves with the “carte vitale” or an up-to-date certificate of entitlement.
Consultations at night and on public holidays as well as medical technical acts and additional explorations are also subject to the nomenclature of social security acts without exceeding the statutory rate
For patients with foreign insurance, an invoice will be given to you for the reimbursement of your treatment.
The Doctor of Cabinet Médical 7/7 are members of an approved association.
Payments by cheque are accepted. Credit card payments are also possible.
If you do not have a “carte vitale”, you will be given a treatment form for social security reimbursement.


Doctors of the facility :

Docteur Bruno BRANDONE

Docteur Bruno BRANDONE

Specialist in General Medicine; Graduate of the Tours Faculty of Medicine

Experience : Hello Doctors on Call Cannes 

Spoken languages : French, English.

Docteur Rania CHAHINE

Docteur Rania CHAHINE

Specialist in General Medicine; Graduate of the Faculty of Nice

Experience : SOS doctor Cannes and Nice

Spoken languages : French, English, Arabic.

Docteur Jean-Franck GALLIANO

Docteur Jean-Franck GALLIANO

Specialist in General Medicine; Graduated from the Faculty of Nice 
DU Emergency Medicine; Master’s Certificate in Biological and Medical Sciences, majoring in Pharmacology; Laureate of the Faculty of Medicine.

ExperienceHello Doctors on Call Cannes, former doctor attached to the emergency service of the CHI of Antibes.

Langues parlées : French, English, Italian.

Docteur Maud GANDOIN

Docteur Maud GANDOIN

Specialist in General Medicine; Graduate of the Faculty of Strasbourg:
DESC of Emergency Medicine; Disaster Medicine Capacity; Emergency Trauma

Experience :

Spoken languages : French, English.

Docteur Caroline NEFF

Docteur Caroline NEFF

Specialist in General Medicine; Graduate of the Nancy Faculty of Medicine; DU Emergency Medicine

Experience : Hello Doctors on Call Cannes, SOS doctor Cannes

Spoken languages :  French, English, German.

Our secretaries



 Caroline LOMBARD

Caroline LOMBARD

Stephanie ROUX

Stephanie ROUX

Usual organization:
Monday: 8am-2pm: Dr Galliano – After 2pm: Dr Chahine
Tuesday: 8am-2pm: Dr Brandone or Dr Neff – After 2:00 p.m.: Dr. Gandoin
Wednesday: Dr. Brandone
Thursday: Dr. Neff
Friday: Dr. Galliano
Saturday and Sunday: Dr Brandone, Dr Chahine, Dr Galliano, Dr Neff in alternation.
Organization can be modified according to holidays and unknown circumstances.

Useful Numbers at the Clinic

– Standard of the arnault tzanck clinic : 04 97 16 68 00

– Pôle de médecine plein ciel : 04 97 16 65 00

– Radiology – ultrasound: 04 92 92 04 10

– MRI- Scanner : 04 92 28 30 10

– Scintigraphy :

– Laboratory : 04 92 28 20 00 

– List and contact details of specialists : https://www.tzanck.org/annuaire

Important numbers in case of emergency

– European emergency services : 112

– Firefighters : 18

– Service d’Aide Médicale Urgente (SAMU) : 15

– Hello Doctors on Call : 08 10 850  505

– Anti-poison centre (Marseille) : 04 91 75 25 25

Access Map

Going to the Arnault TZANCK Mougins clinic
122Av.du Docteur Maurice Donat
06250 Mougins Cedex

• From Nice :
– Take the A8 motorway towards Cannes/Antibes
– Exit Antibes Sophia-Antipolis (n°44)
– Take the direction of Antibes/Juan-les-pins (D35).
– Stay on the Route du Parc (D103), going straight – direction Font de l’Orme.
– At the Carrefour des Bouillides, follow the signs to Cliniques Arnault Tzanck (3rd exit)

• From Cannes :
– Take the A8 motorway towards Nice
– Exit Cannes (n°42)
– Exit onto the Pénétrante Grasse Cannes
– Exit Antibes Sophia-Antipolis
– Follow the directions Font de l’Orme then Cliniques Arnault Tzanck

• PALMBUS : lines 
26 & 27 as well as201 & 202 – stop : “Les Cliniques”.
• Bus Transport Alpes-Maritimes (TAM) : lines 
630V, 630S, 630VS & 650 – stop : “Clinique de l’Espérance”.

We are located in the « Espérance » building, opposite the “St Basile” building, adjacent to the radiology department.

Parking spaces are available in front of our office.


Au sein de la Clinique de l’Espérance
122, Avenue Maurice Donat
06250 Mougins

Contact us

Family medicine consultation for adults and children, Traumatology (suture, plasters), imaging and biology on site if necessary.


(+33) 09 62 62 05 89




Open 7 days a week all year round including weekends and public holidays.

Consultations are assured, without appointment, from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm without interruption!

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